The universal device to remotely control all your rodent control devices in a simple and immediate way without the use of external control units or additional connecting system.

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Ekontrol: easy, fast, intuitive

I am a system composed of one or more detection devices and a web app to collect and monitor the acquired data.

Four simple steps and you're ready to work


Organize your sites and assign Ekontrol directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone


Install Ekontrol on your rodent control stations or monitoring devices at work sites


Receive messages on catches and detections directly on your email or mobile phone


Create custom reports and monitor Ekontrol status via simple and intuitive interface

Ekontrol on site

Can be installed anywhere

Place it at the points you want to check: you can add it in a Ekomille, a trap, a bait box station or use it stand-alone fixing it where you like with velcro delivered in the packaging.

Ready for your rodent control devices

Ekontrol can be used on all your rodent control devices, even if you have to make catches, monitoring or simple presence detection


Bait box station

Check the efficiency of baits

Trappola multicattura

Multiple catch trap

Counts catches



Track the catches automatically



Check and count detections



Freely place it and detect passages

And if you want an integrated system for the capture and remote monitoring of rodents, discover the new

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